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Cherry Noodle Board - Stovetop Cover - Cutting Board - Serving Tray

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Beautiful Cherry Stove Top Trays that are Food Safe. The board sizes are chosen in the drop-down, they are 1" Thick. Make sure to measure your stovetop!

Each board is unique in its shape and detail in the wood. We love pieces that have a ton of character (figure) and this sometimes means there are cracks or holes around the knots (where the best figure is). We fill these cracks with black resin to reinforce the wood and compliment the cherry to allow the pieces with the most character to shine! They are finished with a food-grade, solvent-free finish and will be immediately ready for use upon arrival. Care instructions are included!

These CAN NOT be placed on a hot stove or burners. This is a fire hazard as these are still made of wood. Please allow your appliances to cool down completely before returning the board to the stovetop.


1. SIZE - Choose the size of your noodle board, full stovetop coverage (27" x 20"& up) or "3/4 Size" (27" x x13") --a tray above is shown in 3/4 size, it works perfectly as a cutting board while using the stove, and still allows space for prep on the countertop!

2. HANDLES - Choose the handles you would like (if any at all) from the drop-down section.

3. PERSONALIZATION - If you decide to get your board personalized (engraved),
Enter NAME & DATE** information you would like on the tray in the order notes- Please be sure to double-check the names/dates that you enter as we cannot accept returns on customized items.

4. ENGRAVING PLACEMENT - Where and how large you would like the engraving to be. If you intend to use the board to cut on I would suggest a corner placement as small particles can get into the engraving.

5. RUBBER FEET - Each board comes with little rubber feet, preinstalled. If you do not want feet, please say that in the order notes. (I suggest no feet, or unattached feet if you have gas stovetops, so they don't hit a burner)

**Please message us if you would like a different design than what is pictured. Simple Names and Dates included in Personalization price, more complex designs subject to additional fees

>>-->Handmade item<--<<
Each board is completely unique. I have shown two different boards above to give examples of trays you could receive.