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Two Moose Clock Assembly



  1. Remove the gold cap, washer and hex nut from the clock mechanism. Leave only the black washer. *Figure 1


  1. Install movement shaft through the center hole in your clock and slide the brass washer over the shaft. *Figure 2


  1. Install hex nut to hold the movement in place. Hand tighten the hex nut and then turn another ¼ of a turn. * Do not over tighten the hex nut as this could cause the movement to run slowly.


  1. Firmly press the hour hand (short hand) onto the shaft at the 12:00 position. *Make sure the hand is secured all the way. If the hands are touching once assembled it will stop the clock from keeping time.


  1. Install the minute hand (long hand). It will fit one way onto the rectangular hole.


  1. Install the cap nut onto the top of the shaft. Be sure to screw it down straight and all the way so the hand doesn’t have space to wiggle around. *Figure 3


  1. Use the time setting knob on the back of the movement to move the hands to the correct time. Install the battery.


  1. Hang the clock using the D-Ring installed on the back of the clock. Drywall screws are not included. Use an appropriate wall screw for your interior wall structure and keep in mind the weight of the clock when hanging it.


**Troubleshooting—If your hands catch on one another while moving around the clock, feel free to slightly adjust and bend them so they can pass each other. The hands are manufactured thinly as to be able to work properly with the mechanism on larger clocks.

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