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Product Care Tips and Tricks

 Whether you purchased an authentic handmade item from Two Moose Design, another vendor, or you're a maker yourself and want to tell your customers how to care for their new item- this quick blog will help you keep pieces looking as good as new!

We always strive to obtain the best materials hopes that we can make your piece last as long as possible. Here we will briefly explain how to properly take care of your natural wood product.

  • All of our items are made of real wood that is properly kiln dried which makes the wood antibacterial because of its low moisture content, making bacteria difficult to grow. This is why the best cutting boards are made from wood! Different species of wood are better than others but they are all much less susceptible to bacteria than plastic.
  • To clean your natural wood product use warm Mildly soapy water on a damp cloth. This isn't recommended if your product doesn't have a finish on it because water will raise the grain of your item. If you use commercially made cleaning products try and avoid silicone based products as these can break down the finish on the item.
  • Wood is not waterproof! We apply a finish on our products which helps protect it from scratches, water, and other things it may come in contact with, but this doesn't make it indestructible even with a perfect finish. 
  • If you purchase a custom item through another vendor ask them for specific care instructions as well, care methods may slightly vary depending on the wood and finish used.
  • If water gets on your custom wood item promptly wipe it up so it does not damage or stain your product. Also avoid hot items, always use a pad or coasters on your natural wood products.
  • If your item becomes discolored or the finish starts to look hazy you can put a new finish on your item to help maintain and prolong the life of your item. Reach out to the person who made your item to find out what finish they used to seal and protect the item so it matches and adheres correctly.
  • Avoid using course cleaning items like a Brillo pad or anything that could potentially scratch the surface.


Below we've attached an Amazon affiliate link to the all natural products that we use to clean/polish all of our items before we ship them to you! It smells great and leaves a buttery smooth finish.


If you have any questions about product care please reach out and we will help you to the best of our knowledge.

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  • Hi Jeff & Jess,
    I want to get some Walrus Oil. Are you using oil or the furniture finish?

    • Todd Reimer