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How to Make Rough Sawn Texture on New Wood DIY Rustic

how to diy texture wood lumber saw marks

Things you'll need

  1. Table saw
  2. Featherboard
  3. Push Stick
  4. Safety Glasses
  5. Old Saw Blade
  6. Large Pliers

table saw diy how to

Step 1

Set up a raised fence.

raise fence safety wood working

Step 2

UNPLUG your table saw and then slightly bend ONE tooth with a large plier. This is important. You can always do more, but you will be surprised by the amount of texture you get with just one tooth. 

Aim for around a 1/32 and adjust accordingly to determine how aggressive of saw marks you would like.

Step 3

Adust your feather board of choice, I use and prefer the hedgehog but any featherboard will do. 

In case you don't own a featherboard or know what it is; it is a safety tool that helps prevents kick back. Kick back can cause serious injury and you should be aware of it every time you use a table saw. Safety first, always.

Step 4

Slide your raised fence with your lumber snug to the blade (you want the board to be snug but able to slide freely.

Step 5

Plug in your table saw and carefully run a scrap piece through the table saw and check that the texture is as desired; adjust accordingly. 

Step 6 

Run all of your lumber through and if it's wide enough, flip it so the texture is throughout the piece. Check out the video for the full details! And thanks for stopping by! 



Table saws can cause serious injury or death!!! Be extremely careful and alert when using a table saw always take your time and use all the necessary safety equipment. 


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