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Meet the Makers behind the Moose's

Oh hello there! Thanks for taking the time to check out our page and see what we're all about. This is just a simple little introduction to the Two Moose team and what we hope will be a blog that can be utilized as a tool for design tips, building tutorials and product advice/ reviews, including cleaning tips and advice for our own pieces!  We'll just write whatever we're feeling and go from there! 

We are Jess and Jef Behnke, a young married couple from rural Wisconsin and the makers behind the company Two Moose Design. We started this endeavor on Etsy about a year and a half ago, focussing on rustic design and have since transitioned into a more broad farmhouse style with much less emphasis on rustic. We use a mix of materials from pine and hardwood to metal and source most of them locally. 

Currently our time is taken up mostly by Etsy orders, but we are beginning to be able to take on larger pieces and are already booked 3 months out on them! One day the goal would be to get off of Etsy and scale way down on the dog feeders and small items and spend more time on large custom pieces a well as content creation (YouTube, Blogs, Etc.). But in the meantime, you can find our small pieces on Etsy as well as on our website here, at Shopify! Look around and see what we have to offer! Custom orders are always welcome, if you can think it up, we can most likely build it! 🤗

A little bit of history behind the name Two Moose Design, before we met we had both just recently adopted dogs. They just so happened to both be named Moose, so when we got together we had two Moose in the house and it was quite interesting and a little chaotic at first! Since then, they each have so many nicknames that they are rarely ever called just "Moose". We try to function semi normally with our "twins". In general we are animal lovers and our pets are our life! In addition to the Moose, we have two cats as well. If you follow along on instagram you'll see all of their faces on a regular basis as we work from home and they are attached to our hips! (especially mine-Jess) 

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and appreciate you following along on our journey. Feel free to comment with things you'd like to know or read about! 🙌🏼 

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