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DIY How to: Drill Drainage Holes In Ceramic Planters

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We LOVE our plants but overwatering your plants is just as bad as NOT watering your plants! A lot of planters we buy with or without plants in them have no drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. This results in your beautiful plants sitting in the excess water, potentially causing root rot and suffocating the plant!! You can easily fix this and it's inexpensive to do so! Once you have the bits they should last you quite a while!

Things you'll Need

planters on table next to drill

Start by spraying the bottom with a little bit of water so the bit doesn't overheat.

prepping planter pot with water to start drilling drainage hole

Then proceed to start drilling your hole. Make sure you start with the bit at an angle until it starts to dig in. Then work your way up to 90 degrees. If you start to drill upright right away it will be difficult to get the bit started.

starting to drill hole with ceramic bit

Now that you've got your hole started you can add a little more water if it appears dry and then slowly rock the drill, helping it dig in.

raising the drill unto vertical position to drill through planter

Its important to be ready for the bit to break through, when you feel your getting close don't apply a ton of pressure and be ready to pull back so you don't smash into the planter. 

the hole has been drilled and is ready for a plant!

You're DONE! This simple little hole will ensure the excess water has somewhere to go resulting in happier plants! Just make sure to add a saucer to the bottom of it so you don't ruin your furniture! 

drill bit planter hole how to diy cheap


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