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How to CNC Walnut End tables

CNC end tables how to diy

We recently had the opportunity to make these walnut end tables for a customer. This was our first chance to use walnut for a commissioned project and we were so excited! We thought they were so cool that we'd share the process to hopefully help you build your own or inspire you to make something similar! Below I'll add the materials we used and a few steps we took to complete these walnut end tables. 

Materials Needed
Lumber Needed Per Table

  • Height 28" Roughly 20 BF 
  • Height 24" Roughly 15 BF
  • Height 22" Roughly 12 BF


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First we glued together walnut panels and then put the whole panel onto the CNC. This worked quite well but resulted in a bunch of waste. Although we didn't technically waste anything since we used the unused areas for charcuterie/cutting boards. 

cnc woodworking how to scraps walnut

    CNC- Inventables 1000mm X-Carve

    cnc easel inventables x carve

    We then used our 1000mm X-Carve from Inventables to cut out the end tables. Easel (Free software that Inventables provides) is all we used to create the shapes, this step is broken down and explained in the video above.

    Cut times  

    • 21" circle top -19 minutes
    • 28" base one side - 30 minutes
    • Total time to cut one full end table: Roughly 1.5 hours


    Assembling the End tables

    router bit cnc tabs woodworking how to

    Start by removing the tabs from your items that were just pulled off the CNC if you chose to use them.

    half lap joint woodworking walnut

    Test the fit of your Notch to make sure the pieces fit together nice and snug but not so tight you need to FORCE them together.

    woodworking how to diy chisel cnc

    I intentionally made this joint fit tight and worked my way with a chisel to ensure the perfect fit.

    sanding sander Festool woodworking tools

    Now that everything fit together I went ahead and sanded all of the pieces through the grits to 180 grit.

    how to finish general finishes sheen

    Remove all the dust from your project and then add your finish of choice. I chose to use 3 coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal in Satin.

    drill bit table top attachment

    Use a 5/8" fostner bit to recess a cavity for the figure 8 clips.

    tools angle attachment drill bits

    Once your clips are attached line everything up and pre-drill the holes to attach the top to the base.

    staging photo end table how to plants

    Now that the piece is complete, stage your work next to a cute dog and you're ready to go! I hoped you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Be sure to check back for more!


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